O2toDerm LED Dome
O2toDerm LED Dome
O2toDerm LED Dome
O2toDerm LED Dome
O2toDerm LED Dome
O2toDerm LED Dome

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O2toDerm LED Dome

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The O2toDerm Dome can be paired with the O2oDerm machine or used by itself. When O2toDerm LED Dome is connected to the O2toDerm machine, it will release oxygen while providing LED light therapy. 

It gives energy revitalizing tired skin using high density of oxygen and anion, it is a premium anti-aging therapy to regenerate skin cells. You can see an immediate result right after the treatment and feel ever stronger effect after 2-3 days. 


This system offers Four LED Light Colors that are incredibly beneficial for any types of skin. You can choose which color light you would like before the treatment begins and the dome can also be configured to provide all 4 lights at once, as the machine can rotate through all colors during a treatment. 

Without the machine, it can be used alone to provide LED light therapy.



Blue LED light has been proven to use powerful antibacterial properties to kill acne-causing bacteria, thus preventing and treating acne at the same time. Helping to successfully treat active breakouts, prevent future breakouts, and help plump the appearance of lines and wrinkles, blue light has a variety of applicable uses. Blue light also helps to purify the skin, stabilize oil glands, and soothe inflammation.


People with sensitive skin will benefit from the soothing and calming effect of Yellow light therapy. If you are looking for a solution for skin conditions such as UV radiation damage, rosacea, flushing, redness, and inflammation, yellow light therapy is the right choice for you- and the best part is that there is no downtime required. 


Green LED light has a calming effect on the skin and has been proven to assist in reducing melasma and other issues of skin discoloration. The wavelengths of the green LED light target melanocytes or melanin-producing cells in the bottom layer of the epidermis. By targeting melanocytes, excess melanin is blocked from traveling to the surface of the skin. This breaks up clusters of pigment and therefore diminishes any existing unwanted hyperpigmentation.


One of the most effective wavelength ranges falls under that of Red light, renowned for improving blood flow, stimulating the production of energy within body cells, decreasing inflammation, and giving the skin a much younger look and feel. 


If you already own the O2toDerm machine, you can purchase the unit at $1,300 just email us prior to your purchase to verify you have the O2toDerm. Once verified we will issue you a coupon code to give you $400 off your purchase. 


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