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This duo machine includes the technology of hydro dermabrasion and the collagen induction of radiofrequency. The Hydroexfoliator with radiofrequency is a highly effective powerful machine meant to infuse with your choice of serum. Exfoliate and extract simultaneously. 

  • *extract
  • *infuse your choice of serum
  • *exfoliate
  • *induce collagen
  • Hydroexfoliator is CE Certified


The widely popular hydro technology is known for its simultaneous delivery of a variety of skin benefits in one step. This technology promotes hydration, infusion of products, exfoliation, extraction, and deeply cleanses the skin. As a professional, you will have the freedom to customize your treatment with your choice of water-based serums, or distilled water.


Hydro-Technology will Infuse, extract, exfoliate the skin. Keep up with the advanced technologies and grow with the industry by providing immediate results that your client can see and feel. Show them the liquid container with what just came out of their skin. This makes for instant satisfaction and great conversation.


Radio Frequency boost collagen production and can dramatically improve the complexion's youthfulness. The safe and non-invasive procedure produces heat that will push back together collagen fibers which in turn will tighten the skin. Combine with hydro-technology or use on its own. Give your client that extra boost to this and any facial you provide. Check your local state department to see if you are able to provide this service under your license. The RF handpiece is easily detachable.


  • Rated voltage: AC220V±20% ,50Hz AC110V±20% ,60Hz
  • Machine size: 35*29*40cm
  • Handpieces:
    • 1.Hydrotechnology handle with 8 tips
    • 2.Multipolar RF head
  • Machine weight: 7.5KG
  • Package dimensions:: 44*37*51cm
  • Total package weight: 10KG
  • Rated power: 110W
  • Micro-current power: 10W
  • Vaccum pressure: 0-75Kpa
  • Machine material: ABS

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