O2Derm Oxygen Revitalizing Ampoule
O2Derm Oxygen Revitalizing Ampoule

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O2Derm Oxygen Revitalizing Ampoule

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high humidity / high nutrient ampoule that contains plentiful extracts involved in skin moisturizing/nutrition, enabling rich and thick nutrition and moisturizing for tired skin. 

Nutrition ingredients involved in moisturizing are contained at a high concentration and they will last for a long time to keep the moisturizing effect and prepares it for shiny glossy skin. 

Aloe Vera extract protects skin and releases stimulates which are outstanding for calming skin.

Botanical extracts such as pine leaf extract, cantle / Arnica flower extract help skin absorbed promptly, keep the skin moisturized, and not sticky.


  • 10 ampoule's in each box

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